Everyone should have heard of / used the term IQ in relation to Intellectual Quotient or EQ in relation to a person’s Emotional Quotient Which is measured using a standardised set of tests to measure human intelligence. A Quotient is the degree or amount of something.

If you were looking for something on the new series of Picard and Q sorry, however I am looking forward to watching it. The use of Q (Quotient) today can now be used to measure a range of things from Body to Managerial and there is a Q for most of the letters in the alphabet. Below are some of the key ones to be aware of

AQ – Adversity Quotient is used to show the ability of a person to deal with adversities in their life.

BQ – Body Quotient is used to show your whole-body health.

CQ – Cultural Quotient is used to show and improve effectiveness in culturally diverse situations.

CQ – Curiosity Quotient is used to show how powerfully motivated someone is to learn about a personally interesting subject.

DQ – Decency Quotient is used to show how a leader has the genuine desire to do the right thing and wants something positive for everyone. Ensuring everyone feels respected and valued.

EQ – Emotional Quotient is used to show the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions.

IQ – Intellectual Quotient is used to show a person’s intelligence using a standardised set of tests.

MQ – Moral Quotient is used to show understand right from wrong and to behave based on the value that is believed to be right.

PQ – Physical Quotient is used to show self-awareness and how well attuned you are to your physical wellbeing.

SQ – Spiritual Quotient is used to indicate spiritual parallels with IQ and EQ

There are many others, some not as mainstream within people’s knowledge. There are many articles around each of the Quotients and which make a rounded person. For me its all of them:

AQ + BQ + CQ + DQ + EQ + IQ + MQ + PQ + SQ = Well Rounded Person

Below are 5 Self Reflection questions to ask yourself

  • After reading the list above how many of these are you aware of?
  • Which of these do you use today?
  • Which will you use going forward?
  • Which is your strongest quotient?
  • How will you bring all your quotients up and be aware of them?