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I know that I haven’t posted into my blog in a while. Mainly because I have been busy with my Data Fellowship and a few other things. Recently I have been studying for todays exam “BCS Level 4 Certificate in Data Analysis Tools” – QAN 603/0824/2.

The ability to still take exams at home (under exam conditions), is a bit more relaxing than having to take a journey to get to an exam centre, but still just as unnerving as you complete and press the end exam button awaiting the mark. The ability to take exams at home, still under the same conditions with cameras on and screen shared does open the ability to obtain qualifications up to more people and fit them in better around a normal working day.

The objectives of this part of the course/exam are:

  • Explain the purpose and outputs of data integration activities
  • Explain how data from multiple sources can be integrated to provide a unified view of the data
  • Describe how programming languages for statistical computing (SQL) can be applied to data integration activities, improving speed and data quality for analysis
  • Explain how to take account of data quality when preparing data for analysis, improving quality, accuracy and usefulness
  • Explain the nature and challenges of data volumes being processed through integration activities and how a programming approach can improve this
  • Understand testing requirements to ensure that unified data sets are correct, complete and up to date
  • Explain the capabilities (speed, cost, function) of statistical programming languages and software tools, when manipulating, processing and cleaning data and the tools required to solve analysis issues
  • Explain how statistical programming languages are used in preparing data for analysis and within analysis projects

Source: Syllabus

Exam passed and now on with the final submission of my Project Portfolio and Synopsis Project.