An interesting piece of research on Data Scientist Job Titles has been carried out from data on LinkedIn of over 10,000 professionals.

The data splits out into 11 categories listing 700+ Job Titles:

  • Recruiter
  • Engineering
  • Developer
  • Data Plumbing
  • Data Science
  • Statistician
  • Research
  • Business Analytics
  • Consultant
  • Trainer
  • Student

The raw data is available to play with. I have been looking at the Architecture job titles that fall into the “Data Plumbing” category to initially have a view of Architecture Roles within Data Science and what that means. I will continue this research and blog later about it.


As a bit of fun if you want a generated Job Title, one app to try is this one – Generate a Job Title for you comes up with “Your Silicon Valley job title is……..”

My favourite Generation is the “Software Warlock”

Software Warlock

A close second is  “Grand Poobah of Digital Innovation”