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After reading a blog by Stu Downes on “My Personal Knowledge Management Systems“, I have created my own knowledge management system to collect, sort and store useful artifacts, blogs, articles and bits I find on the web.

Here is my Personal Knowledge Management System:

Personal Knowledge Management System


I am using this to collect the stories from blogs and web sites I regularly ready. A good tip picked up in the office today from a colleague. This allows you to scan the articles in a few minutes on a single screen without going via multiple sites. Using a series of key strokes you can read the headlines, then move down the articles, opening each one on the screen if you so wish.  Speedy blog scanning here I come.


I am using Instapaper to store the articles that I lie. Ive not gone as far as linking Feedly to Instapaper yet as I am just starting out with this combination and cant really justify the $5 a month ($45 year) for the Feedly premium version that allows the links to be created. Will see how useful it would be.

So at the moment it will be a manual solution, whilst I work out its value.


Apart from my normal twitter account (link at the side of the screen) I now have a twitter account to show what I am currently reading. @HemingwayReads

Yes I could have done a link from Instapaper to my normal Twitter account, however I decided to keep this separate as too many apps wanting links into things does present possible security risks at some point. Also I thought @HemingwayReads was akin to “Being Ernest” – yes a play on words.

Publishing my Blog

My blog site publishes posts to other apps that I am use  such as LinkedIn and G+.

Over time my system will develop but works for me at the moment.