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ThingsContinuing the theme of IoT Security as first discussed in my post IoT Device Security Considerations and Security Layers, the next layer to look at is the Chipset.

There are lots of different chipsets available that can be used for IoT devices such as ARM, Intel, TI, etc. There are also lots of development platforms utilising these and other chipsets such as Raspberry Pi, Beagle, MinnowBoard MAX, Contiki, TinyOS, Nano-RK, Launchpad etc that consume these chipsets.

Chipset manufacturers have already recognised the importance of having a good security layer and security features within and supported by the chipsets manufactured for the IoT.

To build on this capability some manufactures are buying security solutions to complement and enhance, whilst others are creating.

These developments by Chipset manufacturers means that IoT Security is high on their agenda and provides the industry and consumer with a large amount of choice on additional security features based on chip and that can work with the chip in form of software.

As the IoT develops so will the security enhancements and capabilities of these devices.