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Docker have released some of the session videos from the recent Dockercon 2015 conference.

Session Links


Docker, Docker Docker

Day 1

  • Orchestration for Sysadmins
  • Docker Orchestration for Developers
  • Docker Engine
  • Getting started with Docker


Day 2

  • Least-privilege Microservices
  • Docker Hub
  • Docker Trusted Registry


Advanced Tech

Day 1

  • Faster, Cheaper and Safer: Secure Microservice Architectures using Docker
  • Reliably shipping containers in a resource rich world using Titan
  • Docker Plugins
  • Resilient Routing and Discovery
  • Interconnecting containers at scale with NGINX


Day 2

  • The distributed system toolkit: Container patterns for modular distributed system design
  • Container Hacks and Fun Images
  • Running Aground: Debugging Docker in Production


Docker Use Cases

Day 1

  • Analytic Garage on Docker at Capital One
  • Docker in the New York Times Newsroom
  • Enabling Continuous (Food) Delivery at GrubHub
  • Enabling Microservices at Orbitz


Day 2

  • Speeding Up Development
  • From Months to Minutes – How GE Brings Docker Into the Enterprise
  • How to Build a Secure DevOps Environment for Government and Beyond
  • PayPal Goes Beyond CI to Production Scale PaaS with Docker


Further videos to be released on the Docker Blog.