ChairsWatching the news this evening an interesting article was shown.

Long ago when I was at school at the end of the day we had to tidy the classroom and put the chairs onto our desks. What if the chairs could do this themselves? well put themselves under the desk in a tidy fashion at least.

Nissan have the answer to the under the desk part at least. They have recently created the Intelligent Parking Chair which puts it self back in place after using it.

You Tube Video of Chairs in action

This is based on technology from their driver-less cars, using sensors and cameras to move the chairs back to their position. The video shows people in different rooms clap their hands and the chairs move back. This illustrates applications that car manufacturers are starting to apply from their R&D into the driver-less car innovations. Maybe a different command is needed rather than clapping hands as it conjurers an interesting scenario following an announcement at the board table and everyone applauding.

Other innovations are already starting to be available for home and office, such as the Tesla Battery.

Linked to the IoT and secured properly, these R&D Innovations could bring some interesting revolutions to the home and office spaces.