A while ago I created a book on Wikipedia on Enterprise Architecture (Back in August 2009) using Wikipedia Books. This is a function to pull together articles from Wikipedia together in a book format, then download as a PDF or even send to get printed.

I haven’t got far with the printing aspect on this book, although I did pull together some articles on a different subject and sent that to be printed. I was happy with the bound book that came back from the service and it was a reasonable cost.

Thought I would go back and revisit the book and see where it is up to today.

Available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book:Enterprise_Architecture

I have created this as an open book so it can be added to should anyone wish to assist in collating relevant articles.

The current index is made up of following articles:

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture
Enterprise Architect
Enterprise architect
Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture Assessment Framework
Enterprise architecture planning
Enterprise Architecture Management
Architecture Patterns ( EA Reference Architecture)
Enterprise Architecture framework
Open Source or Consortia-developed frameworks
Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge
Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology
The Open Group Architecture Framework
Commercial frameworks
Integrated Architecture Framework
Information Framework
Zachman Framework
Defense industry frameworks
Department of Defense Architecture Framework
NATO Architecture Framework
AGATE Architecture Framework
Government frameworks
Government Enterprise Architecture
FDIC Enterprise Architecture Framework
Federal Enterprise Architecture
NIST Enterprise Architecture Model
Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework
Enterprise life cycle
ISO 12207
Systems Development Life Cycle
Technology Life Cycle
Whole-life cost
Enterprise modelling
Business analyst
Systems analysis
Information architecture
Solutions Architect
Software architect
Systems architect
Project manager
Project management office
Chief information officer