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With the upsurge in the IoT (Internet of Things), wearable tech and the desire to be constantly connected within the world, there is also now an emerging market of other things to protect yourself as security devices.

Once such item is an RFID Blocking Wallet that protects your debit and credit cards from giving off data or paying for things that you were not aware of – “Contactless ‘charging errors’ at Marks and Spencer”.


Maybe going forward may see a “Cloak of Invisibility” not as a garment to turn is completely invisible to the naked eye, but more a garment that blocks our signals from the IoT providing a high level of personal security or as a “Firewall Blanket” or a “Firewall Coat/Garment” maybe letting certain of your information through. Providing a layer of protection and security to the user.

I see this as maybe working at a thread level within the garment using low level power flows to disrupt the signals of the IoT or being used to broadcast a blocking frequency, only allowing certain frequencies/digital pulses out and in.

As the IoT develops, I’m sure the level of personal security will as well.