Recently I attended Map Camp for my first time, which this year was being run online due to the pandemic. Around 1600 participants had signed up to Map Camp due to it being online.

If you are not familiar with Map Camp, its an event (series of events) and workshops/talks around mapping techniques that are being used in businesses and organisations.

The two main frameworks that were discussed on the sessions I attended were Wardley Maps and Cynefin.

There were a number of sessions held across the day that consisted of 3 presentations 15 mins each and a Q&A after each presentation. The format worked very well and kept the interest of the audience well.

Some key comments stuck with me from the sessions I have watched so far:

  • “Wardley maps are useful because they are broadly right but precisely wrong” – @MrsDHW
  • “The key is not the map but the sense making” – Kim Ballestrin
  • “Maps give us permission to ask questions” – Kim Ballestrin

The sessions covered were:

  • It’s Not the Map, It’s the Mapping Activity
    Danielle H-Wilson, Kim Ballestrin, Mark Craddock
  • Cybersecurity: Why Context is your Crown Jewels
    Petra Vukmirovic, Dinis Cruz, Sarah Clarke
  • Can Maps Do Good?
    Matthew Adams, Andra Sonea, Liz Keogh
  • Why Didn’t I Learn This at Business School?
    Marcus Guest, Roser Pujadas, Alastair Moore
  • Can You Build a Business With Maps? Really? Does it Matter?
    Torill Iversen, Prasanna Krishnamoorthy, Rachel Murphy & Daniel Leakey
  • Making Sense of Meaning
    Marc Burgauer, Julius Gamanyi, Sonja Blignaut
  • Maps and Government
    Dr Jacqui Taylor, Tracey Green, Simon Clifford
  • What do Wardley Maps Mean to a Government Minister, Business Executive and a Research Artist?
    Kaimar Karu, Steve Purkis, Sue Borchardt
  • Can Maps Help in This Topsy Turvy World?
    Holger Gelhausen, James Duncan, Jennifer Carlston
  • You Can’t ‘Organize’ Your Way to a Future. Principles Matter
    Farrah Campbell, Cat Swetel, Ben Mosier
  • Maps, Games, and Morality
    Liz Fong-Jones, Adrian Cockcroft, Andie Nordgren
  • Maps and Stories, Friend or Foe? Who Has the Power?
    Andrew Clay Shafer, Tiani Jones, Tal Klein
  • Post Event Fireside Chat

The replay sessions can be found on the Leading Edge Forum website and YouTube.

Also check out the hastags #mapcamp and #mapcamp2020 on twitter for comments and session chat on social media

I am currently catching up with the sessions that I didn’t get to see and certainly looking forward to next year.

Some great advice from Simon Wardley from twitter

Want to learn how to Wardley Map? Try …

4)Courses “Mapping” by Chris (@wardleymaps) learn.leadingedgeforum.com/p/wardley-mapp… “Pragmatic Wardley Mapping” @BenMosior learn.hiredthought.com/p/wardley-mapp…

3) Awesome list @jhngrant wardley-maps-community.github.io/awesome-wardle…

2) Book medium.com/wardleymaps

1) Practice!