Tim Peakes Soyuz CapsuleEncouraging young people to take STEM subjects is not always an easy task when you are speaking with them at career events.

Finding talking points is a great way to start the conversation. Normally this is based around the roles I have carried out in my career and my own experiences at school, however this will be one of my references in future conversations.

Last weekend whilst on a trip I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to go and see Tim Peakes Soyuz capsule (Soyuz TMA-19M). The spacecraft that brought him back to earth on 18th June 2016, following his mission on the International Space Station.

This is a great example of all the STEM subjects coming together. For example:

  • Science – working out how to get someone into space and safely back again. Also what to do whilst they are in space.
  • Technology – to control the craft and communications.
  • Engineering – to build the craft and ensure its durability leaving and entering the earths atmosphere.
  • Maths – to work out all those complex calculations behind the Science, Technology and Engineering.

The capsule was once white and its current colour is from the burning and charring caused by the intense heat during re-entry.

The capsule is on tour so if you are in the UK, it may be coming to a location near you https://group.sciencemuseum.org.uk/our-work/tim-peakes-spacecraft-tour/

What do you use as subjects and topics do you use?