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Whilst looking into some suitable questions to ask about Big Data, I can across an excellent poster titled “Do you know Big Data?” produced by Altamira.

The poster covers a set of questions that help you question Big Data and a Big Data project.

  • What is Big Data?
  • What types of Big Data are there?
  • How do we extract knowledge from Big Data?
  • What do we do with knowledge we extract?
  • What types of Visual Techniques are there?
  • What types of Statistical Algorithms are there?
  • How big is Big Data?
  • What is a Data Scientist?
  • How do we implement Big Data solutions?
  • How do we address privacy and ethics in Big Data?
  • How do we secure Big Data?
  • What are leading Big Data tools?
  • What questions should we ask about Databases?
  • What questions about Predictive Tools?


A useful tool as a starting place to research further elements of Big Data.