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Following on from the results of the Survey that I recently ran (Results from IT Professionals and CPD Survey) the below is some further analysis on the results.

Looking at the data in Question 4 against the data in Question 6

  • Q4. How many hours do you complete annually developing/learning?
  • Q6. How many hours do you think IT Professionals should spend on CPD annually?

shows that the majority, 15 respondents think they should be doing more training than they actually are managing. 3 have indicated the level they are doing is about right and 3 consider they should be doing less.

CPD Results

Having graphed these results the graph look rather like a character from an old computer game.


Perhaps the title of the blog post should have been “Eating a slice of the Training Pie!”.

The results averages out at about 57 hours above what the respondents have recorded as being done at the moment.

The respondents with the same level of training  average at doing 96 hours.

The respondents looking at less training average at doing 23 hours less.

So how much more training should you be doing?

Overall the respondents were fairly even across the number of hours that should be carried out annually.

Survey Results - Number of CPD Hours that should be carried out Annually

Survey Results – Number of CPD Hours that should be carried out Annually

Comparing to other industries (IT Professionals and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours)

Table of CPD across different Industries

Table of CPD across different Industries

the highest vote by respondents in the survey was 40-50 hours. Looking at other professions this feels about right as a reasonable level of development. and should perhaps be where in the main people looking to develop should try to achieve per annum.

I would welcome any other views on this.