Another comment from the CPD and Learning Survey:

CPD is a two way street. It requires commitment from both the employer and the employee.

In the main CPD should be a two way street, however there are some cases where this may not apply, such as a contractor who gains their skills through experience, or someone who’s role does not allow for training during their day job,  but have to do their own training to keep up with contracts or market trends that they specialise in.

Two Way Street

The two way street will depend upon the type of CPD arrangement set up by the employer and entered into by the employee. Some employers may make a range of development and training materials available for the employee to consume:

  • Subscription Online Books
  • Access to paid training – Online and Classroom Courses
  • Access to free training – MOOC, Online Courses, Webinars
  • Lunch and Learns (Brown Bag Training)
  • Projects to gain skills and experience
  • Specialised Industry/Vertical training / certifications

The perception of CPD and what constitutes learning should be clearly defined so both employer and employee understand what is needed. This should cover both time and types of learning.

Some resources could be easily overlooked as training materials and development tools by the employee.

One thing that always seems to be contended is time to train.  This is something that the needs to be discussed and set out between the employee and employer, however if time is given, there maybe an expectation for training also to be done in an employees own time.

The are employees who are not able to get time in work due to the nature of their job and industry and spend time at home learning.  Ensuring that you have a good Work-Life Balance is key, so setting out your learning targets and goals will help. Setting a level of CPD to Achieve will assist with braking the training into chunks over a period / year. Some professional bodies require a certain level of CPD to achieve per year which is normally a criteria to achieve or maintain accreditation or membership levels.

One thing to remember is that if your not advancing you career and planning/undertaking CPD, others around you are.