Skills.jpgKeeping your skills up to date is a key part of being Digitally Fit. There is no definitive list of training that should be undertaken to become “Digital”, it depends upon your role requirements, however there are some topic areas that should be considered as a base set of skills to expand on.

These topic areas have come from my post on having the right Digital Mindset.

  • Business
    • Change/Ambiguity
    • Agile Business Practices
    • Business Strategy and Investment
    • Customer Experience
  • Technology
    • Modern Architectures
    • Coding/Development
    • Agile Development
    • Cyber
  • Social
  •  Personal
    • 21st Century Human
    • Human Dynamics
    • Design Thinking

The main this is to keep up a pattern of continuous learning and invest time into your learning to bring your skills up to the latest developments. This can be typically around 40-50 hours a year.

Recording your learning to show your advancement is a good way of keeping track of the topics and things you have learn’t along with the number of hours you have spent learning.

I use a CPD Cycle to remind me to reflect on what I have learnt and how I will apply it. Also what I need to relearn or expand on in future training.

CPD Cycle


What do you think at the key Digital Subjects and how do you record your learning?

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