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Earlier this year I wrote a blog post on how the BBC were using their DR Who characters to help teach young people how to code whilst playing a game to get a Dalek through a series of puzzles. Doctor Who: Friendly Dalek teaches you to code

Now Disney and Code.org have joined in, to engage young people to move from playing games to creating games.

This time instead of controlling a Dalek you can control BB8 around some puzzles.

These interactive tutorials will appeal to anyone looking to learn coding and a great way to introduce young people into learning whilst gaming.

There are some similarities between then the two versions and moving a character around the screen. The Dr Who version uses the Characters of the show to explain what you need to do whilst the Star Wars version uses videos of one of the films developers to talk through what the tasks involve.

Screenshot of the interface to control BB8 – source/credit: Code.org/Disney


Screenshot of the interface to control a Dalek – source/credit: BBC

Dr Who Game Screeshot 1

Which Sci-Fi universe will you choose to help you learn?

All we need now is a Star Trek version…….