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Its good to see that GitHub has now provided a toolbar to aid in formatting Markdown.

This will help some users from using HTML code format to a word processor GUI type experience. It should appeal to those who are starting out on their coding journey or want an easier life not having to remember if they have included all the <> and </> commands in their files.

Below is an example of a Markdown file that I did as part of a Data Science Coursera Course:  https://github.com/Cloudmage/ExData_Plotting1/blob/master/CodeBook.md


Code Book for Project 1 for Exploritory Data Analysis Course – Coursera

## Data Source
* <b>Dataset</b>: <a href=”https://d396qusza40orc.cloudfront.net/exdata%2Fdata%2Fhousehold_power_consumption.zip”>Electric power consumption</a> [20Mb]

* <b>Description</b>: Measurements of electric power consumption in
one household with a one-minute sampling rate over a period of almost
4 years. Different electrical quantities and some sub-metering values
are available.

## Data Sets Used

The following descriptions of the 9 variables in the dataset are taken
the <a href=”https://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets/Individual+household+electric+power+consumption”>UCI
web site</a>:

<li><b>Date</b>: Date in format dd/mm/yyyy </li>
<li><b>Time</b>: Time in format hh:mm:ss </li>
<li><b>Global_active_power</b>: household global minute-averaged active power (in kilowatt) </li>
<li><b>Global_reactive_power</b>: household global minute-averaged reactive power (in kilowatt) </li>
<li><b>Voltage</b>: minute-averaged voltage (in volt) </li>
<li><b>Global_intensity</b>: household global minute-averaged current intensity (in ampere) </li>
<li><b>Sub_metering_1</b>: energy sub-metering No. 1 (in watt-hour of active energy). It corresponds to the kitchen, containing mainly a dishwasher, an oven and a microwave (hot plates are not electric but gas powered). </li>
<li><b>Sub_metering_2</b>: energy sub-metering No. 2 (in watt-hour of active energy). It corresponds to the laundry room, containing a washing-machine, a tumble-drier, a refrigerator and a light. </li>
<li><b>Sub_metering_3</b>: energy sub-metering No. 3 (in watt-hour of active energy). It corresponds to an electric water-heater and an air-conditioner.</li>

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