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CodeIf one of your new years resolutions is to learn how to program? If not why should you consider to learn to program and add it to your list? As businesses become more focused on  Cloud, DevOps/OpsDev, aaS (as a Service) or SDnn (Software Defined) a knowledge of programming and a language will help you understand these advancements, services and technologies, as well as allowing you to participate in their delivery.

Here are some good resources to help you:

A good book resource on how to program can be found on Gthub at https://github.com/braydie/HowToBeAProgrammer

The site covers the following topics:


  1. Beginner
    • Personal Skills
      • Learn to Debug
      • How to Debug by Splitting the Problem Space
      • How to Remove an Error
      • How to Debug Using a Log
      • How to Understand Performance Problems
      • How to Fix Performance Problems
      • How to Optimize Loops
      • How to Deal with I/O Expense
      • How to Manage Memory
      • How to Deal with Intermittent Bugs
      • How to Learn Design Skills
      • How to Conduct Experiments
    • Team Skills
      • Why Estimation is Important
      • How to Estimate Programming Time
      • How to Find Out Information
      • How to Utilize People as Information Sources
      • How to Document Wisely
      • How to Work with Poor Code
      • How to Use Source Code Control
      • How to Unit Test
      • Take Breaks when Stumped
      • How to Recognize When to Go Home
      • How to Deal with Difficult People
  2. Intermediate
    • Personal Skills
      • How to Stay Motivated
      • How to be Widely Trusted
      • How to Tradeoff Time vs. Space
      • How to Stress Test
      • How to Balance Brevity and Abstraction
      • How to Learn New Skills
      • Learn to Type
      • How to Do Integration Testing
      • Communication Languages
      • Heavy Tools
      • How to analyze data
    • Team Skills
      • How to Manage Development Time
      • How to Manage Third-Party Software Risks
      • How to Manage Consultants
      • How to Communicate the Right Amount
      • How to Disagree Honestly and Get Away with It
    • Judgment
      • How to Tradeoff Quality Against Development Time
      • How to Manage Software System Dependence
      • How to Decide if Software is Too Immature
      • How to Make a Buy vs. Build Decision
      • How to Grow Professionally
      • How to Evaluate Interviewees
      • How to Know When to Apply Fancy Computer Science
      • How to Talk to Non-Engineers
  3. Advanced
    • Technological Judgment
      • How to Tell the Hard From the Impossible
      • How to Utilize Embedded Languages
      • Choosing Languages
    • Compromising Wisely
      • How to Fight Schedule Pressure
      • How to Understand the User
      • How to Get a Promotion
    • Serving Your Team
      • How to Develop Talent
      • How to Choose What to Work On
      • How to Get the Most From Your Team-mates
      • How to Divide Problems Up
      • How to Handle Boring Tasks
      • How to Gather Support for a Project
      • How to Grow a System
      • How to Communicate Well
      • How to Tell People Things They Don’t Want to Hear
      • How to Deal with Managerial Myths
      • How to Deal with Organizational Chaos


List of useful books on GitHub on programming:

If you are now wondering which language to base your learning on this post may help

There are lots of online courses available to help you learn – alot are free