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People spend a lot of time behind electronic devices these days communicating with others through various forms of apps and social media. Have you ever stopped to think how many people you have actually spoken to face to face rather than through a GUI?

I thought it may be useful to call out a Networking Tool that may help you record your daily interactions and think about who you have networked over the past week. This is a tool that anyone can use.

The tool is from a chap called “David Seah” who has several other productivity tools available, but this one is called the “Network Catch-O_Matic”. Primarily created as a sales and marketing tool, it can be use to capture and build up your interactions.

Yes this is a Paper based tool but sometimes the simplest things are the best.

How to use the form from the authors Website:-

The Network Catch-o-Matic is a simple counting form. Along the top is a row of 50 bubbles, each representing a person. As you encounter people during various periods of the day/week, fill in the number of people you would think of approaching. For salespeople, this would be the people on your prospect list, or perhaps people you target at a networking event or trade show.

After you’ve tackled that, there are six more stages of interaction to engage:

  • Being seen. So you see a person. If you aren’t seen by them, you’re not going to have much of an impression. Fill in the number of people out of the people you’ve seen who “see you back”: you’ve made eye contact, or otherwise indicated that they are open to conversation. A lot of them will look away, but don’t worry about that. It happens a lot!
  • Talked with. So you’ve made eye contact. Say something, already!
  • Exchanged info. You’ve had a brief conversation, and you have successfully piqued the interest of the other person such that you can exchange contact information. Score!
  • Planned to talk again. Not only have you exchanged cards or phone numbers, but you’ve even made a mutual promise to talk in the future. Wow!
  • Actually did follow up. Actions speaker louder than words…if you actually DID meet up again, you’re on your way to establishing some kind of relationship. This can happen multiple times.
  • Am collaborating. You’ve formed a relationship, and are now actively working together. In sales terms, you’ve closed the deal. In personal terms, you’ve made a friend.

There is also an area for listing the important people you have spoken with as well.

The Year Date may be wrong on the form, but the principle still holds.

Source: http://davidseah.com/blog/2006/06/the-printable-ceo-v-makin-rain/