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As part of my Data Fellowship that I am currently taking, today I sat the first exam for “BCS Level 4 Diploma in Data Analysis Concepts” – QAN 603/0823/0.

The last exam that I took was in an examination centre where you turn up and sit at an already configured computer. This time I sat the exam at home in my dining room with camera and microphones on. Special software ensuring that my only windows open are the exam and meeting room with the invigilator watching me.

Sitting down getting ready for the exam, I hit that unfortunate moment of your laptop is about to reboot and install an operating system upgrade. Great timing! Just enough time to get another device loaded with the right software and logins to the required pages. Not a good start to entering an exam for the mindset, but all went well in the end.

Study for this stage of the Data Fellowship has been part of the apprenticeship course and objectives. For me it was a cementing of the concepts and bringing some areas up to date.

Objectives are: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Data Analysis and its underlying architecture, principles, and techniques. Key areas are:

  1. Explore the different types of data, including open and public data, administrative data, and research data
  2. Understand the data lifecycle
  3. Illustrate the differences between structured and unstructured data
  4. Understand the importance of clearly defining customer requirements for data analysis
  5. Understand the quality issues that can arise with data and how to avoid and/or resolve these
  6. Explore the steps involved in carrying out routine data analysis tasks
  7. Understand the range of data protection and legal issues
  8. Explore the fundamentals of data structures
  9. Explore the database system design, implementation, and maintenance
  10. Understands the organisation’s data architecture
  11. Understands the importance of the domain context for data analytics

Source: Syllabus

Exam passed and certificate issued. Now on with the next learning/revision for the BCS Level 4 Certificate in Data Analysis Tools.