ScoutsWith all that is going on in the world a the moment everyone is thinking outside the box to work differently and interact virtually. As some of you may have seen from some of my posts I spend some of my free time as a Scout Leader providing experiences and opportunities to young people.

Now that regular Scouting nights have rightly been stopped to help with the stay at home directives Scouting is rethinking itself and moving on line. As such initatives such as The Great Indoors have been created.


With the current situation in mind I was asked by a friend to help him set up and co-host an online Scouters meeting for all the sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers). From our discussions, 1st YouTube Scout Group was created.

We have now run three sessions online and also had some guests on. The engagement of these sessions has helped young people earn badges towards their Chief Scouts and Queens Scouts awards which for each section are top awards they can achieve.

We will continue to stream each week and help keep your people engage and provide activities for them to do whilst at home. Parents are also joining in to help.

Stream each Thursday at: https://www.youtube.com/bigmaninthewoodsuk

Session 3


Session 2

This session was effected by some internet issues at the time


Session 1