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MicroBitIts been a while now since the launch of the BBC Micro:Bit and its mission to provide year 7’s with the platform.  It is only recently being made available to the general public in batches of 90 , however this has now shifted to being able to purchase single units and development kits are also being produced/made available for pin outs and expansions. I’ve seen several dates for availability in several online shops from end of June to end of July. Most places have the Micro:Bit on pre-order only at the moment, but peripherals are available to ship.

Coming in at around £13.00 for a board its more expensive than the Pi Zero at £5.00. I was expecting something of a similar price bracket. There are some interesting projects already appearing on the web.

(Other online outlets are available) One outlet stocking the Micro:Bit shortly https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/microbit

I have placed a pre-order for one to have a go with, so will post some more about it once received. Im looking to use the Micro:Bit and Pi Zero to help my Scout Group with their Digital Maker and Digital Citizen badges.


In the meantime here is an example of use from Chris Swan programming a game of Simon on it. http://blog.thestateofme.com/2016/05/15/microbit-simon/