Agile has had its own Manifesto (Agile Manifesto) since 2002 that has been signed by numerous people. IoT has now got its own Manifesto (IoT Manifesto).

ThingsAt a time of the growth of the IoT and lots of Standards Groups forming and guiding the way forward, there is a lot of ground to cover before an IoT Manifesto can really be in a place to influence the industry as the Agile Manifesto has.  For me for this to hold weight, it needs to have buy in and be signed by the industry vendors who are currently guiding the IoT and producing products for the IoT. Last time I looked there were 285 signatures and growing.

The one item on this new Manifesto that I do agree with is “We keep everyone and everything secure”, however the definition of secure does need to be defined. As outlined in a previous set of blog posts, “IoT Device Security Considerations and Security Layers“, this is a vast area to design and build against.