ThingsAs the IoT (Internet of Things) gathers pace there is a need for standards which span the different aspects of IoT including Security, Connectivity, Interoperability, API’s and Data. There are certainly more areas not covered in this short list.

There are currently a number of initiatives and collaborations by some of the leading IoT companies where these standards are being discussed.  Some are unique in the areas that they are covering and some are similar with Security being covered in the majority of the groups.

The problem is that there will be lots of standards available and some aimed towards the directions that those groups want to steer the IoT. Choosing the right standard will be initially hard as there will be a large choice available and different industies signing up to different standards.

The important factor in all of this though is that standards are being thought about and discussed.

The diagram below illustrates some of the groups/communities currently looking into IoT Standards. This is not an exhaustive list and there will be other groups formed looking into this area.

IoT Standards

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Links below to the Groups/Communities

If you are aware of any other groups/communities currently looking into IoT Standards, please leave details in the comments section.