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PISince its launch the Raspberry PI Zero seems to be in high demand with its low price of under £5.00 for the base module. The official suppliers are still out of stock with no view as to when they may receive their next shipment. They fly out as soon as they come in

This makes the PI Zero Stock literally Zero!

The unofficial supply chain of place such as Ebay are now up as high as £42.00 with sellers caching in on what is supposed to be a cheap computing platform.

Hopefully the stock levels will come back to a level to stem/curb the high prices coming in.

But why so popular – this is mainly due to the cheap price of the computing module and has captured the imagination of hackers, developers and hobbyists.

There are a wide range of interesting projects appearing on the net such as:

Hackaday and Adafruit have joined up to create a new competition looking for the best Raspberry PI Zero project.

The platform is ideal for IoT development of small modules, sensors and other projects. The other forms of the Raspberry PI is already being used for IoT projects such as a Home Heating Control Device.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of the competition and the next innovation. One competition I shall be watching with interest.