I decided to take the plunge and join the other 14 million Windows users who have downloadmouseed and upgraded to Windows 10.

Expecting a good experience and easy upgrade I was soon put right on my expectations.

After backing up my data, I followed the Windows Update method of upgrade. My PC downloaded the Windows 10 upgrade and after a while it started to install. Unfortunately my device hung. The only way out was a reboot, so reluctantly the power was recycled.

My PC rebooted back into Windows 8.1 and then started to download the upgrade again! – Same issue occured.

This time I downloaded the ISO image to a DVD and got similar results.

After several times of being stuck in this loop and concluding that my current Windows 8.1 build was corrupt in some way I decided that the only way this upgrade was going to get done was to clean my PC back to its original build and then upgrade.

A reboot straight from the Windows 10 image was fruitless as Windows did not pick up the fact that my device has its Windows Key held in the BIOS at manufacturing time.

Luckily my PC has its build disks on a separate partition so an ALT + F10 was all that was needed to wipe and rebuild back to Windows 8.

With the PC booted up and Windows 10 DVD in, I was able to finally upgrade, remembering to lock down a number of the security settings enroute through the screens.

Build done I then put Office back onto the PC. This was followed by a number of Updates to both Office and Windows 10.

Great back and working. A couple of days later and another Windows 10 Update received I found another issue. Outlook would no longer send emails. Receiving emails still worked.

I carried out some research and it appears that somewhere between Windows 10 and Office some of the config files were out of place and it prevented emails working.

This issue seems to be common for some specific configurations although the actual cause isn’t clear at this point. It can happen with any version of Outlook.


I followed this sites instructions and ran the  “sfc /scannow” command in a command prompt with admin privileges. This command sorts out the critical Office files and places them back where they need to be after an upgrade to Windows 10.

So far everything seems to be back in working order, but the upgrade was not an easy thing to carry out. I had similar issues on a different machine with the email not sending. Perhaps a further patch is needed to sort this issue out properly.

Anyone else had issues with their upgrades?