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mineVia Coursera the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is running a specialisation on Data Mining.  As with all Coursera courses, you don’t have to take the specialisation, but can take the courses individually or one after each other. Taking the courses outside of the specialisation means that you wont get to complete the capstone project and earn your certificate at the end.

This track is made up 5 courses covering:

Pattern Discovery in Data Mining

  • Introduction to data mining
  • Concepts and challenges in pattern discovery and analysis
  • Scalable pattern discovery algorithms
  • Pattern evaluation
  • Mining flexible patterns in multi-dimensional space
  • Mining sequential patterns
  • Mining graph patterns
  • Pattern-based classification
  • Application examples of pattern discovery

Text Retrieval and Search Engines

  • Introduction to text data mining
  • Basic concepts in text retrieval
  • Information retrieval models
  • Implementation of a search engine
  • Evaluation of search engines
  • Advanced search engine technologies

Cluster Analysis in Data Mining

  • Basic concept and introduction
  • Partitioning methods
  • Hierarchical methods
  • Density-based methods
  • Probabilistic models and EM algorithm
  • Spectral clustering
  • Clustering high dimensional data
  • Clustering streaming data
  • Clustering graph data and network data
  • Constraint-based clustering and semi-supervised clustering
  • Application examples of cluster analysis

Text Mining and Analytics

  • Overview of text analytics and applications
  • Extending a search engine to support text analytics (text categorization, text clustering, text summarization)
  • Topic mining and analysis with statistical topic models
  • Opinion mining and summarization
  • Integrative analysis of text and structured data

Data Visualization

  • Visualization Infrastructure (graphics programming and human perception)
  • Basic Visualization (charts, graphs, animation, interactivity)
  • Visualizing Relationships (hierarchies, networks)
  • Visualizing Information (text, databases)

These courses would complement the courses from John Hopkins on Data Science

Source: https://www.coursera.org/specialization/datamining/20