With the changes in the world following the pandemic and the opening up of job roles, there has been a rise on the number of people changing roles and jobs which have been reflected on Social Media such as LinkedIn/Twitter and possibly other social channels. One of the biggest trends I have noticed is the posting of security passes and work ID’s to show that the person worked at their current employer and the dates/times that they have been at that company.

Whilst this may make the person feel good about their move, they have most probably breached a security policy within their existing/old employer by posting their full pass online. With modern technology its easy to replicate the pass and then try and gain access to a companies office.

A quick search for the word Security Pass on LinkedIn shows a huge amount of passes that can be easily replicated and used by others to breach a companies security boundaries

Best practice is not to post this type of document on social. The last contact from your old company might be through a lawyer!