I am both excited and honoured at the opportunity to be part of the first cohort for the BCS F-TAG (Fellows Technical Advisory Group). Looking forward to participating and helping to lead bringing my experience and knowledge as part of this group.

Aim of the F-TAG

BCS’ Fellows Technical Advisory Group (F-TAG) is a diverse selection of experts who will distil insights on cutting edge technologies to benefit the entire BCS membership, the wider industry and ‘UK plc’; F-TAG complements the work of existing boards and groups. Source.

F-TAG is made up of 25 BCS Fellows selected from diverse demographic and professional backgrounds; their expertise ranges from software testing to smart homes. Source.

Find out more at : https://www.bcs.org/policy-and-influence/bcs-fellows-technical-advisory-group-f-tag

F-TAG Members: https://www.bcs.org/policy-and-influence/bcs-fellows-technical-advisory-group-f-tag/f-tag-members