Back in June I wrote some hypothetical questions for an online STEM event. These are meant to provoke discussion.

Setting the Scene

In todays world there are lots of advancements in the technologies in areas such as 3D Printing, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence helping to solve problems. Examples are the use of robots to build cars more efficiently and quickly, to now being able to 3D print the parts needed to make the car and now being built with the ability to drive themselves. Robots are not always mechanical things, software can also be a robotic process that automates something.

Hypothetical Big Questions

Will Robots eventually take over everyone’s jobs?

How would you feel if robots did all the work and what would you do all day?

How would you earn money to live?

My View

I have previously discussed this in a past post in the form of a short story “I Lost my Job to a Robot“. Whats your view?

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