Occasionally I have written about supporting STEM and Scouting in my blog around computing and science, however this piece from Bear Grylls in the Times newspaper in response to a Young Peoples survey has swayed me to write about it.

At a recent Scout meeting the context of this survey was explained to the Scouts, then I read out the article.


We then went on to explain how we were meeting each of the six points at our group.

The response was amazing from the Scouts as they all reflected on what they had done in Scouting that related to each of these points.

I wanted to share this incase you havent read it.

Encouraging Young People to join youth organisations is a great way for them to gain experiences and learn new things.

Its not just Young People, Adults can join as leaders or helpers. Youth organisations need adult volunteers in order to run. Don’t worry if you feel you don’t have the skills that are needed. You learn these on your journey as a volunteer.

These are Six great lessons for anyone – not just Young People.

Yes even spending a night under the stars. A great time for reflections.