superhero-534120_640Following on from my blog post outlining an A-Z of Digital, here is “D is for Digital”.

Digital is a word that we hear in everyday conversations and its connotations grow on a daily basis. In short it is a term that is used to describe the advancements in how we consume and use technology within our everyday lives and enhance and improve businesses and it’s effects on the human race.

Being Digital is not necessarily just about having the latest gadgets, but more around how you are using them and what you do to intergrate things together, automate things and improve your work and home lives.

From a business view this is about growth and transforming through processes and technology, utilising the latest inventions and ideas to automate and reduce costs. Bringing together systems and solutions through API’s and Intergration, changing the way business is done.

The “Journey to Digital” (#Journey2Digital) is about how you can achieve these things in little or big steps depending upon what your goals are.

The journey can include:

  • Strategy and Direction
  • Vision and Roadmap
  • Outside-in approach
  • Working with partners and companies that can provide digital capabilities
  • Agile approach
  • Funding digital changes and learning to fail fast
  • Customer demands
  • Competition advancements
  • Industry directions (ie Industry 4.0 for Manufacturing)

The main part of the journey is being able to accept change and encourage innovation to create enhancements that drive the direction towards being digital.