droneWith Christmas just round the corner and the uptake of drones the UK drone code has been upgraded to make it easier to understand.

  • Don’t fly near airports or airfields
  • Remember to stay below 120m (400ft) and at least 50m (150ft) away from people
  • Observe your drone at all times
  • Never fly near aircraft
  • Enjoy responsibly

The Drone Safe Website (http://dronesafe.uk/drone-code) has also had a revamp to cover the rules and make it easier to understand the rules which is supported by Airports, Airlines and some electronic suppliers.

The main issue will be getting drone owners to understand that the code exists. Some of these are simple, however how many people actually know how high 120 meters is. Perhaps drones should contain an Altimeter to help drone users keep under this height. Possible market for a clip on drone Altimeter/phone app going forward.