Another report today of data being sold for sale on the Dark Web. This time O2 have had data stolen and put up for sale according to a BBC News report.

cameraSo usual changing of passwords are key to ensure that its not the same as on a list. Typically any logins and passwords for sale will be used/tested on multiple sites by hackers to check if you have used the same password on multiple sites. Good practice should be that you use different passwords on different sites to avoid anyone trying this technique, however the management of such a practice often inhibits this from being done. People may decide to install a password manager to help them navigate the miriad of logins and passwords.

Alof of sites now accept authentication via Google, Facebook or other services. However how many people take advantage of the additional security offerings by these companies.

Google and Facebook do offer a two step authentication process for any new devices that are logged into with the Google/Facebook account. This can use the same Google Authenticator application on your mobile that provides a verification code that refreshes every minute.


The service can be used for other applications such as wordpress.

If you use application verification, you should spend the short time to set up 2 step authentication to add the extra layer of security to your account.