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dockerDocker have released a their latest report and findings into how Docker is currently being used and the trends coming out.Docker 2016 Report.

Some of the key findings from the report are below:

What container orchestration and management solutions are you using/evaluating?

34% Docker Swarm
32% Google Kubernetes
29% Amazon ECS
21% None

Key Finding 1: The Docker pattern provides agility, portability and control.

Desired Benefit/Outcome:

65% Accelerate software development
48% Better control and standardisation
42% Application Portability

In 2016 43% of responders have stated that they will be looking to utilise Docker to assist with Legacy Applications to Micro-services. This appears to be a new use case for this year.

Docker Use Cases planned for 2016

50% Continuous Delivery
47% New Microservices app
43% Legacy App to Microservies
41% Continuous Integration
39% DevOps
37% Containerize Legacy App

Key Finding 2: Docker is delivering quantifiable improvements to application delivery by accelerating DevOps practices

65% Accelerate software development
48% Avoid cloud lock in
42% Application portability
33% Increase rate of innovation
33% Quickly adapt to future changes
33% Improve infrastructure resource

Key Finding 3: Docker is central to hybrid cloud strategies as it enables freedom of choice of on premises, private and public environments.

80% of organizations using Docker have described it as central to their cloud strategy

Docker enables the transition to a modern app development pipeline