Over the festive break I have seen many people letting their guard down on my Social Media feeds and responding to those quizzes and prediction sites that scan your data and come up with some random facts about you.

PhoneTalkThe lure of finding out “Which are your most used words on facebook?” or “Which friend will be your luck charm in 2016?” is too much for some to resist. These apps usually result is a few words or a match of pictures that appeases the user based on the mining of data in their social feeds and friends profiles.

Examples of these types of apps are:

  • Who is your craziest friend?
  • How will your 2016 be?
  • Which friend will be your luck charm in 2016?
  • Which are your most used words on facebook?
  • Who should you start a band with?

Whilst there are a number of innocent apps/sites that genuinely provide this type of tool to tell you who your best friend is, there is a darker side to some of these as well.

On the face of an app it may look genuine, but you are not aware of what the app is actually doing with your data and to what extent your data is being mined. Where the results are stored or to what purposes it will be used for afterwards.

Here are some basic actions to follow to secure your social data

  • Know your security settings and lock down
  • Kee
    p personal information personal
  • Think before you give an app permission to access your account/data
  • Do not use apps that you are unsure of
  • Think what this app will do with your data

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