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Here are some notes from the Google I/O 2015 – Keynote Speech

Android Overview

  • Android – Supporting over 400 OEMs and over 4000 Devices
  • Android Wear – 7 Models Supported
  • Android Auto – Supporting 35 Brands
  • Andriod TV – Sony, Sharp, Philips shipping with Android. Many more to come
  • 17m ChromeCast Devices – 1.5B Cast Button Presses

M Developer Preview

  • Back to Basics – Solved thousands of Bugs
  • Focus on Quality
  • Improving the core User Experience

App Permissions
– Simplifying App Permissions
– Apps asking permission when using that feature at first use rather than at install
– Faster to get users up and running – updates are seamless – app control process

Web Experience + App Links
– App Dev’s care about the experience that the users get
– Linking App to Web smoother
-Chrome Custom Tabs
– Apps can auto verify links at install time to verify the app owns the links it says it does

Mobile Pay
– Standardising Fingerprint Support

Power & Charging
– Doze Feature using activity to monitor when less power is needed in the device
– up to 2x longer in power length
– USB Type C charger to increase charging by 3x to 5x
– Can be charged or feature to act as a charger

Other new features
– Easier word selection
– Direct Share
– Simplified volume controls
Android Wear

  • Wearable Apps
  • Always on Apps
  • Wrist Gestures (such as scroll up/scroll down
  • Emoji Recogniser (draw emoji’s that are then recognised and correct emoji is displayed then sent)
  • Launcher (improved)

Project Brillo – Underlying IOT Operating System

  • Derived from Android
  • Minimal system requirements
  • Broad Silicon support
  • Easy to secure
  • Q3 Developer Preview

Weave – IOT Communcations layer where things can talk to each other

  • Common Language
  • Standard Schema’s
  • Developers APIs
  • Run with Brillo
  • Cross Platform
  • Q4 2015 full stack released

Now On Tap

  • Takes advantage of M Developer
  • Provides deeper interaction through access to Googles back end systems and deep machine learning networks
  • Enhanced user experience with access to information in real time

Google Photos

  • Built a new experience
  • Home for photos private and secure – available any device
  • Organise
  • Share


  • Lite Search Results supporting more countries
  • Optimised search page results load 4 x faster, 80% less bytes and 80MB reduction in memory usage
  • Network Quality Estimator – to load pages to quality of bandwidth
  • Improved Offline Support – Saves of pages


  • YouTube Offline – up to 48 Hours to view the video


  • Offline Maps
  • Offline Navigation – step by step


Developing Apps
Android Studio 1.3
– Improved Gradle build speed
– New memory profiler
– Support for C/C++

Polymer 1.0
– Elements to easily drop in features

– Cocoapods for SDK distribution

– Cloud Test Lab – Automate testing of mobile apps
– Runs test across top 20 devices across the world


– App Indexing (50 billion app links)
– Cloud Messaging (70 billion messages a day)
– will support iOS
– Topic subscription

Mobile Web
– Push Notfications
– Add to Homescreen

App Install Ads
– Universal App Campains – auto campain based on budget
– Measure App Install Ads

Google Play
– Conversion Funnel – Dashboard across app
– Play Store Listing Experiments
– Developer Pages – Own Google Play Home Page

– AdMob & Google Analytics
– AdMob Mediation – 40 Ad Networks

Google Cardboard – Over 1 million users

  • Improved viewer – screens up to 6 inches
  • Cardboard SDK – build for Android and iOS
  • Expeditions – Education Travel for Schools – Synchronized phones and tables

Google Balloons

  • 100+ days in the air
  • 10 Mbps connectivity
  • 500m accuracy
  • 4 x coverage area
  • Local partners