There is an excellent set of videos covering an In-depth introduction to Machine Learning spread over a number of videos and PDFs links below.

Chapter 1: Introduction (slides, playlist)

Chapter 2: Statistical Learning (slides, playlist)

 Chapter 3: Linear Regression (slides, playlist)

 Chapter 4: Classification (slides, playlist)

 Chapter 5: Resampling Methods (slides, playlist)

 Chapter 6: Linear Model Selection and Regularization (slides, playlist)

 Chapter 7: Moving Beyond Linearity (slides, playlist)

 Chapter 8: Tree-Based Methods (slides, playlist)

 Chapter 9: Support Vector Machines (slides, playlist)

 Chapter 10: Unsupervised Learning (slides, playlist)

 Interviews (playlist)

The links have come from the following Source: http://www.r-bloggers.com/in-depth-introduction-to-machine-learning-in-15-hours-of-expert-videos/

It is worth looking at this page as there are other links worth reading