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I originally blogged about my Personal Knowledge Management System back in January 2015 and as we are beginning 2016 its time to review it again. I use my Personal Knowledge Management System to collect, sort and store useful artefacts, blogs, information, inspiration, articles and bits I find on the web.



Journalling in both a Personal and Work life is a useful tool to keep notes on your thoughts and ideas. In my personal life I opt for recording these in a Moleskine – See my blog post No batteries required for further details.

Personal Social Media

This side of life I separate from my work life using things like Instagram and Facebook.


I have split this into two areas:

  • Podcasts
  • Web

Podcasts cover both Audio and Video casts that I watch/stream online or download to my Media Player to listen to on journeys.

Web I pull down into one feed to read using Feedly.


I am using this to collect the stories from blogs and web sites I regularly ready. A good tip picked up in the office today from a colleague. This allows you to scan the articles in a few minutes on a single screen without going via multiple sites. Using a series of key strokes you can read the headlines, then move down the articles, opening each one on the screen if you so wish.


I am using Instapaper to store the articles that I like and want to save. This is done via a manual process at the moment.


Apart from my normal twitter account (link at the side of the screen) I now have a twitter account to show what I am currently reading. @HemingwayReads

Publishing my Blog

I publish my blog using WordPress which then posts to Twitter, Linkedin and G+ (While its still going)

Further Inspiration from others

Some other good Personal Knowledge Management Systems from my colleagues to read are: